About us

We offer an itinerary of genuine flavors with dishes based on fresh fish and shellfish, beef and pork, chicken and duck specialities, a variety of ravioli, vegetables, soy and rice noodles and delicious soups, a authentic journey in traditional chinese home cooking, where simplicity and passion will make you live a unique experience in Siena!

At RAVIOLI WANG you can taste traditional chinese dumplings, grilled or boiled, seasoned with spices and herbs that make these extraordinary and delicate morsels of thin pastry, stuffed with a choice of mixed meat, fish and vegetables so delicious. In traditional chinese culture, the ravioli are eaten as an appetizer or as a snack mid-morning or mid-afternoon, symbol of warmth, hospitality and affection but also of great celebrations.

The dumpling

Dumplings is a particular and very important dish for the Chinese cuisine culture. Families celebrate big events by preparing dumplings and in many preparing dumplings is a ritual that is celebrated together. There are those who prepare the dough, those who stretches it out, who fills it and at the end those who cook them. Their shape, their filling and the cooking method varies from region to region: in Beijing dumplings are cooked boiled, while in Hong Kong steamed, in Qingdao boiled, and with a lot of garlic.

The Northern Chinese call the dumplings “Jiaozi” while those in the South call them “Hum tun” or “Won Ton”. The term “Jiaozi” indicates the period from 23:01 to 23:59, before the end of the year and the beginning of the new one. Eating dumplings between the old and the new year brings good luck and wealth, as the Chinese proverb says “zhao cai jin bao” which means bring wealth and treasures.

quality and selection of the ingredients

Chen and Liya are dedicated to the careful selection of products for preparation of the recipes of RAVIOLI WANG, from local meats and fresh fish, to the purchase of chinese indigenous vegetables grown in Tuscany by chinese farmers, in order to offer to customers of RAVIOLI WANG unique flavors and high quality dishes. At RAVIOLI WANG there is also a laboratory, dedicated to the preparation of the dumplings to be served in the restaurant, fresh every day.


Situated on two floors with the entrance from Viale Vittorio Emanuele, RAVIOLI WANG offers a traditional atmosphere ideal for lunches and dinners in the company to discover ancient flavors from the far East. Meeting of cultures and traditions here at RAVIOLI WANG create a blend of simplicity, uniqueness and quality.